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Have you ever noticed how your hairdresser washes your hair twice?

Since forever, hairdressers have taken to shampooing their clients’ hair twice at the basin – the first time to get the hair really wet and ‘break surface tension’ and then the second to deeply cleanse the hair.

This is then followed up with conditioner… and a massage if you’re lucky!

But what should we do at home? 

SLS-free shampoos have come a long way in recent years, with new cleansing ingredients giving a really wonderful lather. If you get a good lather with your first shampoo – great! No need to double wash. If not, go for a second shampoo. This might be the case if you’re more on the oily side, or there’s a lot of product in your hair. You’ll only need about half as much product the second time around. 

A few tips:

  • Adding a bit of water mid-shampoo will really help the lather spread through your hair and increase the bubbles.
  • Spend a minute working your shampoo all over your scalp including the hairline, behind the ears, and especially the nape of the neck – this is the hottest part of your head and the area that gets missed most commonly!
  • Focus on your scalp. Unless you’re trying to remove product from the mids and ends of your hair, they don’t need a deep clean every time you shampoo. Over-washing your lengths can contribute to dryness and the frizzies.
  • Treat yourself to a little head massage. It’s great for scalp circulation, and a nice way to give yourself some love. 

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