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How to pick the perfect shampoo and conditioner

When choosing your new shampoo and conditioner, don’t forget that your hair and scalp may have different needs

When choosing your new shampoo and conditioner, don’t forget that your hair and scalp may have different needs – and they will thank you for finding a product that works for both!

The scalp is a fairly robust area of skin that feeds the hair follicles. It creates sebum (oil) and sweat like the rest of our skin, and helps regulate body temperature. Scalps can be influenced by our internal systems – seasons, hormones, diet, illness, and allergies can all affect scalp health. These changes can quite rapidly change the balance of the scalp’s skin and oils. 

Hair strands are comprised of non-living keratin proteins. The texture and condition of the hair determine how much natural oil the hair can absorb. Hair with a flatter, intact cuticle absorbs much less oil than hair that has an open cuticle, such as lightened or damaged hair – that’s why natural, uncoloured hair tends to get oily quicker than bleached hair – the oil simply has nowhere to go. 

Hair that’s longer won’t benefit from the scalp’s natural oils right the way to the tip. Ends can get dry and split, especially through colouring, heat styling and being tied up. Those ends need to find moisture and protein in other ways – like through great haircare!

So how can you look after the different needs of your hair and scalp? The easiest way is to think of your shampoo as primarily cleansing your scalp. Thinking about the needs of your scalp will help you to choose the right shampoo. Do I get oily and want more volume? Are my hair and scalp naturally drier?

Frequency of shampooing is very personal – some people wash every day – out of habit, or because they have a naturally oily scalp. Other people wash once a week, and either have drier scalps or hair that absorbs a lot of natural oil (think: bleach blondes). Most people are somewhere in between, washing their hair about every three days.

So while shampoo is your scalp cleanser, conditioner is designed to smooth the cuticle of the hair and add moisture. Without conditioner, hair can be left rough and delicate. The part of the hair that benefits most from conditioner is the mid lengths and ends. Because your roots are close to your scalp, they absorb your natural oils, and can feel too heavy if they’re also conditioned. 

When choosing your conditioner, think about the needs of your hair lengths. Do I want less frizz? More thickness? More moisture?

MONDAY’s four formulas are cleverly designed to be mixed and matched. Your scalp might need VOLUME shampoo to help fight oiliness, while your ends may need SMOOTH to add moisture and shine to frizzy hair. Here’s a quick look at each, to help you make the right choice:

VOLUME Shampoo is ideal for fine hair that needs a boost at the roots. It’s also great for hair that’s prone to oiliness. It gives a slightly deeper clean, so hair is as weightless as possible.

VOLUME Conditioner is great for adding thickness to mid lengths and ends. It will detangle and add shine, without weighing hair down. 

SMOOTH Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the hair and add moisture. 

SMOOTH Conditioner gives dry and frizzy hair types moisture and control.

REPAIR Shampoo cares for delicate hair that needs moisture and strength. 

REPAIR Conditioner rebuilds and nourishes hair that has been depleted through colouring and styling. 

SENSITIVE Shampoo and SENSITIVE Conditioner are lightweight and gentle, for delicate scalps.

If you need help choosing the right product for you, we’re always happy to help! Email us on [email protected] for advice and tips.

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