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We need to talk about seasonal hair changes

Our hair and scalp go through seasonal changes in just the same way that the skin on our face does.

Our hair and scalp go through seasonal changes in just the same way that the skin on our face does. 

Winter can be a particularly hard time for scalp health – changes in temperature, air conditioning, hats, and lower humidity can all play a part in how our scalp feels from day to day. 

Many people find their hair goes through seasonal cycles of growth and fall. Just like other mammals, our bodies’ internal clock reflects the time of year. 

In addition to the seasons, overall wellbeing play a huge part in our physical health. Stress, dietary changes, illness, weight loss, hormonal changes, allergies and intolerances, medications, and age are just some factors that can trigger an unhappy scalp or a change in hair fall. 

Sometimes a simple change in haircare can be enough to reset the scalp. Other times, it’s just being kind to our bodies and riding it out. Most people go through periods of living with dandruff – it’s an incredibly common scalp condition. 

Lockdown and the affects of Covid-19 have been enormous for all of us. Our routines have been disrupted in every way – how we spend our days, the meals we eat, the way we move, socialise and work. Being in the middle of a global pandemic has deeply affected many people’s psyche – job losses, cancelled travel plans, the fear of the unknown, inability to see friends and family, play a huge role in how everyone around the world is currently feeling. It’s only natural that our bodies will respond accordingly. 

Iso-hair – it’s a thing.

Here are a few reasons why your hair might be feeling different to how it has in the past:

  • you’re spending less time outdoors, meaning your vitamin D levels are lower than normal, resulting in increased hair fall.
  • you’re tying your hair up more than normal
  • you’re washing, brushing and styling your hair less
    frequently, meaning you’re seeing more hair fall in the shower
  • your diet has changed – three cooked meals and enough homemade bread to sink a ship? Gluten overload!
  • you’re enjoying a little more wine than you usually would
  • you’ve missed your regular colour appointment and your natural regrowth is a lot longer than normal, leaving your hair feeling flat and oilier than usual
  • you’re stressed (hey, we all are)
  • you’ve got a virus – it’s flu season, after all
  • your allergies have flared up, setting off your immune response
  • you’re wearing a hat, making a nice, warm, dark place for bacteria and yeast to grow

So, what can you do to help your scalp?

  • Switching to a different shampoo and conditioner can be a good option. You might be needing something more nourishing in cooler months than you would in the height of summer. 
  • Eating a balanced diet is a great way of keeping your scalp in check, as well as future hair growth. Zinc, Iron, B-vitamins, Omegas, and Vitamin D are all vital for hair growth and follicular health. If you can tick all the boxes through diet, a good multivitamin will go a long way in supplementing what your body needs.
  • If you’re feeling stressed, acknowledge it, breathe deep, and reset. Our bodies are very good at manifesting stress physically, and our hair and scalp can be one of the first parts of our systems to show signs of stress and burn out. 
  • Take your morning coffee outside and get some sunshine on bare skin, before midday. This will significantly boost your natural production of vitamin D – vital for scalp and hair health, and also for staving off the Winter blues. 
  • Give your favourite hat a good wash – it can be a hiding place for bacteria and fungus.

It’s OK to be a little worried when you see more hair fall than usual. If you’re really concerned, talk to your doctor. Thyroid and hormone imbalances can impact hair density, and should be reviewed by a medical professional.

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